Stop, Hammock Time!

Once again I have been terrible about posting lately.  This week is probably going to kill me (*sarcasm*) between all of the homework I have, all of my extracurricular activities, and the bad news I got this past weekend. However, I wanted to give you something so here it is:

The Dummies Guide to Hamacas

Many people, when they come to Mexico, are inspired to buy una hamaca and sleep like many of the locals.  However, many people, not being well-educated on the subject of hamacas end up buying something that they will never be able to comfortably use.  Ultimately they end up hating the whole lot of them without realizing that they are actually the ones that are equivocados

Hamacas 101:  Choosing a type

Whatever you do, do not buy a hammock that has any type of bar in it.  Most people are hammock-shy at first (meaning that they are afraid that they will flip out of the contraption) and think that the bar will provide some stability. These people are wrong.

Cover of my Mexico travle guidebook

Even the "travel guide gods" are wrong sometimes...

They even picture una hamaca with bars on the cover of my Mexico travel guide book.  Although this looks luxurious, you will most definitely land on your butt at some point.  And if you miraculously manage to not fall out, you will have a killer backache if you attempt to sleep in one of these “newbie” hamacas.  Instead you definitely want one that just looks like a strip of material when it hangs freely, but opens up wide when you want to lay down.

Mi hamaca

This is more or less what it should look like

With this type of hamaca you’ll also want to buy some brazos or cords to connect the hamaca to the hooks on the wall.  In terms of material I would suggest nylon because it’s soft, but super durable and easy to wash.  On the internet you can find the correct way to tie the knots to hang the hamaca.

Hamacas 102:  Choosing a size

Some people think that “bigger is better” or live by the motto “go big or go home,” but with hamacas you really want to make sure you get the right size.  There are four basic sizes here in Yucatán:  individual (1 person), matrimonial/doble (2), familiar (3), or extra/especial/gigante (4).  I personally prefer the matrimonial because it gives you room to roll around a bit, but if you go much bigger and you are planning to sleep alone you will get a backache and end up in a cocoon.  My host sister learned this the hard way… It took her buying three different extras and thinking each time that something was wrong with the hammock  and returning it before she realized that the size was just too big.

Hamacas 103:  Laying down

When you go to lay down in your hamaca it’s important that you reach behind you to open it up a bit, take a seat, stretch it out behind you and either lay back or sideways.  If you plan to sleep in your hamaca you’ll want to sleep either perpendicular to the way it hangs or at a diagonal.  I know this seems counter-intuitive because you always see people laying longways in the hammock, but that will give you serious back problems.  You’ll also probably want a pillow.

Newbie usage

Don't be a "newbie" like I was before I learned the proper way to usa una hamaca

Hamacas 104:  Cuidándola

In order to take care of your hamaca the most important thing to do is to not wear jewelry, jeans, shorts, hair clips, etc when you are laying down.  Basically you should only lay down in your PJs.  Also be careful not to catch anything on it…  I was sooo excited to get my hamaca because I was dying of a heat stroke every night and what’s the first thing I go and do? Walk past it on the third day and get my butt-pocket’s button caught in the hilo!  By the time I realized that I was hooked, the hilo had already pulled out a few inches and the whole thing was ruined!

Welp.  There’s your crash course.  If you follow those general guidelines you should be sleeping like a rock and never wanting to sleep in a bed again.  At least that’s how it happened for me.  I’m completely converted.

Que duerman con los angelitos,



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